Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sony TDG-BR100 Adult Size 3D Active Glasses, Black

Sony TDG-BR100

Enjoy an incredible experience, worthy of high quality 3D entertainment when you combine this pair of adult size active 3D glasses in black with a compatible BRAVIA HDTV 3D and 3D Sync transmitter available separately.
Sony's innovative design blocks to divert ambient light and adjustable frames for a more comfortable fit and personalized, the more you will enjoy a long life battery for up to 100 hours of fun in 3D. The adjustable frames fit just about everyone in your family with a comfortable ergonomic design - even the glasses.

Technical Details

  • Stylish, ergonomic 3D glasses in black adjustable for high comfort--sized for adults
  • Seamless synchronization for a clear precise image; excellent color accuracy and high contrast
  • Wide viewing angle for flexible sitting; fits even while wearing glasses
  • Energy efficient design, including an auto-standby feature--up to 100 hours of battery life
  • Requires compatible 3D Sony BRAVIA HDTV, 3D Sync Transmitter, and 3D source content


Compatible Sony BRAVIA HDTVs

  • Sony BRAVIA HX800 series
  • Sony BRAVIA HX810 series
  • Sony BRAVIA HX909 series
  • Sony BRAVIA LX900 series
  • Sony BRAVIA NX810 series


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