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Mitsubishi L75-A91 75-Inch 1080p LaserVue HDTV

Mitsubishi L75-A91

Offer unimaginable color at the movies at a fraction of the energy exploitation of similar size flat screen TVs, the 75-inch Mitsubishi L75-A91 LaserVue HDTV 1080p harness purest light source world to provide up to twice the color of many flat screen TVs today. Mitsubishi laser light engine exclusive breakthrough technology creates a portal-friendly environment to a multi-dimensional world, intensely real and alive. And it's 3D-ready (requires 3D glasses).

This LCD HDTV features variable Smooth Film Motion 120 to convert the 24 movie images at HD resolution, and the treatment Plush1080p video 5G 12-bit for maximum conversion of documents non-HD video source. Other features include StreamTV Internet Media (with access to the site of leasing VUDU HD movies and more), four HDMI inputs, USB port for viewing photos and listening to music, and an Ethernet port to connect to your home network.

Technical Details

  • Mitsubishi Exclusive Laser Light Engine
  • StreamTV Internet Media
  • Cinema Color. 3D Ready
  • Plush 1080p 5G 12-Bit Digital Video Processing
  • Wired networking via Ethernet port
  • Wired IR input
  • Energy Star 4.0 qualified

Mitsubishi L75-A91 Features

  • 75-inch LaserVue LCD panel provides a wide gamut of rich, complex colors with distinct clarity and an immersive depth of field as well as reduces power requirements in comparison to other HDTV technologies.
  • 3D Ready Experience the new 3D technologies applied to many recent movies and video games. Immerse yourself in your favorite video game, movie, or sporting event displayed in 3D (requires optional 3D eyewear).
  • 1080p Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • StreamTV Internet Media access provides instant access to an extensive library of high-quality entertainment and social media content. Grab your remote and choose from over 100 different streaming applications, including VUDU HD movie rentals, Pandora, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Associated Press, The New York Times and more. VUDU Movies features the world's largest catalog of HD movies with more than 3,000 movies, and its HDX video format is the only streaming 1080p HD video with high resolution 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus surround sound available directly on Internet-connected televisions.
  • Plush1080p 5G 12-Bit video processing converts lower-resolution signals to 1080p to eliminate jagged pixelated imagery.
  • Variable Smooth 120 Film Motion takes 120Hz technology to the next level with dejudder for film originated content. In the conversion of film-to-video for display, 24Hz artifacts can be seen in slow panning scenes. Smooth 120Hz Film Motion eliminates this artifact for smooth, crisp, fast and slow action content.
  • 6-Color Processor takes the three primary colors (red, green, and blue) of the video signal and extracts three secondary colors (cyan, yellow, magenta) in order to individually process each color for greater accuracy.
  • DeepField imager constantly adjusts panel brightness and contrast to optimize the picture.
  • EdgeEnhance technology enhances horizontal and vertical edges for a more precise picture with minimum distortion.
  • PerfectColor and PerfectTint functionality gives you far more control over your on-screen picture with six independent color and tint adjustments to help you dial in the perfect picture.
  • ISFccc advanced video adjustments contain the detailed standards necessary for professional calibration of brightness, contrast, tint, sharpness, color levels and much more to meet local lighting conditions for both day and nighttime viewing.
  • Mitsubishi L75-A91
  • Integrated HDTV tuner receives both over-the-air HDTV broadcasts (received via an antenna) and non-scrambled digital cable broadcasts, including non-scrambled HDTV cable programming.
  • Video modes: Super Brilliant, Brilliant, Bright, Natural, Cinema, Game
  • HDMI Control (CEC): HDMI devices with Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) capabilities may be compatible with the TV's HDMI Control feature. Compatible devices can receive control signals through the HDMI connection, allowing the TV's remote control to operate some functions of these devices.
  • Easy Connect function automatically recognizes when you plug in a device and prompts you to assign a name to it. The TV ignores any unused inputs, so the result is an uncluttered menu where you can easily find and select connected devices by name.
  • Two USB ports enable you to play MP3 music and JPEG photo slideshows on this HDTV (one port provides accessory power only).

Mitsubishi L75-A91 Specifications

  • Model L75-A91
  • Screen Size(diagonally measured) 75"
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio Yes
  • Height 41.7"
  • Width 66.4"
  • Depth 15.0"
  • Weight 154.0lbs.
  • Power Consumption
  • Operating Standard 128 watts
  • Standby 0.47 watts
  • Energy Star 4.0 Qualified Yes
Video Performance
  • 3D Ready* Yes
  • Mitsubishi Exclusive 6 Color Processor Yes
  • Plush 1080p5 G12-Bit Video Processing &Format Conversion Yes
  • HDMI Deep Color(36-Bit)and x.v.Color™,Yes™
  • PerfectColor &PerfecTint™™ Yes
  • Edge Enhance™,Yes
  • Deep FieldImager™,Yes
  • Smooth 120 Film Motion™ Variable
  • Improved Video Noise Reduction Yes
  • Picture Format Modes(4:3 sources) 5
  • Picture Format Modes(16:9 sources) 3 
Audio Performance
  • Internal loudspeakers 2
  • Surround Sound Processor Matrix2-channel
  • Outputpower(watts/ch) 10wx2
  • Level Sound(dynamics limiter) Yes
  • Digital Output(PCM)for All Analog Sources Yes 
User Controls
  • Easy Connect™,Yes
  • NetCommand® with IR Learning Yes
  • A/V Adjustment(Memorized By Input) Yes
  • Advanced Video Calibration ISF®ccc
  • HDMICE Control Yes
  • Video Modes:SuperBrilliant/Brilliant/Bright/Natural/Cinema/Game Yes 
Optical System
  • Illumination Type R/G/BLaser
  • Display Type DLP
  • HDTV Resolution 1080p
  • Mitsubishi Exclusive Laser Light Engine Yes 
  • Tuner Analog/Digital/Cable(intheclear) 1
  • Antenna(RF)Inputs 1 
Media Connectivity
  • StreamTV Internet Media Services™ VUDUMovies
  • Ethernet Port Yes
  • USB Ports(Media/AccessoryPower) 1-Jan 
  • Component/Composite Combined Video Inputs 2
  • HDMI Inputs™ 4
  • 480i,480p,720p,1080i(60Hz) Yes
  • 1080p(24Hz,30Hz,60Hz) Yes 
  • Stereo Audio Output(Fixed) 1
  • 3D Glasses Emitter 1
  • Digital Coaxial Audio Output(Dolby®Digital/PCM) 1 HDMI Digital PC Compatibility
  • 640x480,800x600,1024x768,1280x720,1365x768,1280x1024@60Hz Yes
  • 1920x1080@24Hz,30Hz,60Hz Yes 
Remote Control
  • Remote Control Universal 
Customization Features
  • Direct IRInput Selection Yes
  • Direct IR Format Selection Yes
  • Independent IR Power ON/OFF Yes
  • Wired IR Input Yes
  • RS-232C Yes


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