Friday, March 30, 2012

Sharp 3D TVs True Depth 3D Eyeglasses !

True Depth 3D Eyeglasses The new True Depth 3D shutter eyeglasses for Distinct 3D TVs offer a top excellent low cost remedy for watching 3D pictures, films and game titles on most Distinct 3D TVs! These infra-red eyeglasses function a bigger watching place and a better picture than other 3D shutter eyeglasses available. These come with a storage place body and a material to fresh the eyeglasses as well as three places of similar nasal place shields making them adaptable for kids or adults! Each couple also contains two CR2032 battery power ranked to last at least 50 time each! These eyeglasses have been examined on most Distinct 3D TVs.
These eyeglasses are currently appropriate with all 2010 and 2011 3D TVs. These eyeglasses are not currently appropriate with the 745U, but a remedy for this TV will be available later this year! True Depth 3D is an authorized signature with the U.S. Certain and Trademark Office.

Technical Details

  • Bigger watching area than other appropriate glasses
  • Works with all Distinct 3D TVs!
  • LOWER cost than Distinct company glasses!
  • Watch plenty of 3D films and perform 3D game titles on your 3D HDTV (PC necessary for 3D PC gaming)
  • Includes 3 similar nosepads for kids or adults!


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